How working less has helped me flourish

Deciding to work fewer hours in my corporate job has allowed me to achieve many things and grow as a person in ways that I never would have expected. In 2009, despite not being financially secure, I decided to work four days a week instead of five in my corporate job. I didn’t have kids to look after, I was just burnt out from years of working high pressure jobs (and, now I know, from putting too high expectations on … Continue Reading →

How to let go of a bad relationship, with love

It’s easy to respond to people’s attacks on you with anger and defensiveness. But it’s possible to train yourself to respond with love instead. While this is not easy, the peace you will experience is well worth the effort. When things are going well it’s easy to feel peaceful and loving. But painful experiences test what we’re made of. I was happy to realise recently, after a difficult experience with a friend, that I’m now made of tougher and more … Continue Reading →

Are you being yourself or someone else?

  “Always be a first rate version of yourself and not a second rate version of someone else.” – Judy Garland Loving and accepting yourself just the way you are is a big step towards loving and accepting others the way they are. But how can you do this unless you actually know who you are? This post explores some ways to uncover your true self – who are you under that mask? Years ago a colleague told me she’d … Continue Reading →

What’s art got to do with business?

I’ve only recently recognised the power of bringing lessons from the arts and humanities into the business world even though I’ve been doing it unconsciously for years. If there’s something creative you’ve always wanted to do, just start it – there’s more power in it than you may realise. In high school I absolutely loved studying visual arts – painting, drawing, print making, sculpting, and all those fun things. But I was not a naturally brilliant student. My artwork was … Continue Reading →

How to get what you really really want

If you want outcomes from your interactions with others that are aligned to the highest good of everyone involved, there’s a simple question you can ask yourself before you meet. If you’re like me, you find it extremely frustrating and puzzling that you can enter a negotiation or a difficult conversation and sometimes everything goes swimmingly and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes both parties get exactly what they want and sometimes they don’t. I’ve recently discovered a fantastic technique that increases my … Continue Reading →

12 synchronicities – glimpse a hidden order

Since I started meditating regularly I’ve noticed many strange events, named by Carl Jung ‘synchronicities’. Synchronicities are those things that seem like coincidences but are so highly unlikely to happen that you get the feeling there must be more to it. There have been so many happening around me lately that I started recording them in a journal and thought it would be fun to put them into a blog. The following synchronicities all happened within April and May 2014: … Continue Reading →

5 steps to find your Element, your creative genius

Last week I wrote about how being in your Element adds a spark of creativity and joy to your life. In this post, I outline some ideas for how you can uncover what puts you in your Element. Step 1 – Explore and dream To start, get a journal or just some blank paper and go to a place where you feel most creative – a park, a beach, a coffee shop, a hillside, your backyard, etc. You’re going to … Continue Reading →

Find your Element, find your creative genius

Schools often don’t help us find our Element, that thing we were born to do. But unlocking our creative genius is essential to health, happiness & success. I’ve just finished reading an inspiring book by Sir Ken Robinson called The element: How finding your passion changes everything. Sir Ken was knighted for his many achievements in the field of developing creativity, innovation and human resources in education and business. In 1998 he led a British government advisory committee investigating the … Continue Reading →

A letter to young introverts: 12 things I wish I’d known

As a young introvert you have probably already found that life is not so easy. You live in a society that values extroversion and have most likely felt a lot of pressure to be someone who you deep down know you’re not. It could even be that you don’t like yourself very much, feeling deficient and defective, always wondering what’s wrong with you. Well, I want you to know that there’s nothing wrong with you – nothing at all. You … Continue Reading →

Introverts – we need you!

About 50% of the population are introverted. But you wouldn’t think it considering how much our society values extroversion. We are expected to be able to speak up confidently and often, to market ourselves, push ourselves forward in all situations, and connect and communicate at all times. When we don’t, others brand us as shy and lacking confidence and competence. Those who prefer to spend time alone are considered loners; ‘loner’ is a word generally reserved for psychopathic killers!Luckily, with … Continue Reading →