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Over 30 full articles can be found on the following pages. Some articles are on more than one page if they relate to more than one topic:


Learn to switch on your body’s relaxation response to counteract the damaging effects of the fight or flight response. These blog posts will help you think more clearly, have more inspired ideas and feel great!

introvertUpgrade your thinking

Learn how powerful your mind really is and how the quality of your thinking determines your entire experience of life. These blog posts will help you clear out negativity at a deep level to feel more peaceful, more uplifted and happier.

loveStep into your personal power

We are all intrinsically powerful beings but most of us have forgotten that. These blog posts will help you remember who you truly are so you can reclaim your personal power and be all that you were born to be.

Family - 31 Dec2014 w watermarkCreate!

Even if you don’t feel like a ‘creative’ type person, you are actually creating all the time. These blog posts, of articles about creativity and pictures and descriptions of my own artwork, are designed to encourage you to explore your own natural creative abilities and to use them for greater self-expression and fun.


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