The tapping form of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is the most well-known and commonly used Energy Psychology technique. Energy Psychology is a relatively new field of therapy for healing mental and physical conditions. It balances, restores and enhances functioning by stimulating the human energy system via the acupuncture meridians. It’s been called ‘acupuncture without needles’.

EFT was created by Gary Craig in the United States. He built on the work of Drs George Goodheart and John Diamond with applied kinesiology, and psychologist Dr Roger Callahan with Thought Field Therapy.

Scientists have found anatomical structures in the body which correspond to the meridian system. They’re called Bonghan channels and are found inside blood and lymphatic vessels and in networks around internal organs. Acupuncture points along the Bonghan channels can be seen on CT scans.

The latest science tells us that the body is a matrix of energy-conducting structures, including the Bonghan channels, or meridians. But this energy becomes interrupted by sudden or slow-onset trauma.  An acupuncturist would re-establish the free-flow of energy by inserting needles into acupuncture points but EFT uses gentle tapping on specific points instead. The picture above shows the points.

Tapping on acupoints releases trauma by stopping the alarm signals going to the brain’s amygdala where they trigger the fight, flight or freeze response. Once these messages are switched off, stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol stop being released and the body relaxes. Continual cortisol release is highly damaging to physical and emotional health.

Optimal EFT

Optimal EFT is a new healing technique recently created by Gary Craig. It combines the powerful tapping form of EFT with quantum healing, inviting in the ‘Unseen Therapist’ (a loving power greater than ourselves) to assist with our healing. Because the Unseen Therapist is all-knowing she is able to heal us with greater efficacy than we could ever achieve by ourselves.

The purpose of Optimal EFT is “to remove the blocks to the awareness of Love’s presence.” In Gary Craig’s words:

“I speak here of the Oneness of spiritual Love that is far beyond the common forms of love we experience in the separated state.  In this state, such things as disease, war and poverty are impossible.  This is why the Unseen Therapist is so central to our efforts.  She opens the door to potential healing that goes far beyond the man-made remedies of this earthly experience.

“Our venture goes well beyond conventional science, although Quantum Physics is pointing to it.  It also goes beyond the reaches of conventional psychology, modern medicine, politics and just about every belief the world contains.  We are opening an elegant door here that leads to personal peace so profound that it provides a launching pad for spreading true harmony throughout the world.”

EFT Resources

–  Gary Craig’s website: The site for the original Gold Standard tapping EFT and Optimal EFT.

–  For an introduction to EFT, watch this YouTube video featuring Gary Craig.

–  See how EFT is being used to assist US war veterans recover from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in this powerful video from the Veteran’s Stress Project.


–  Amongst many other journal articles by clinical psychologist and internationally recognised leader in Energy Psychology, Dr David Feinstein, read about how EFT is being used to help victims of disaster in countries such as Rwanda, Kosovo, South Africa and Congo in this article published in Traumatology – Energy Psychology in Disaster Relief.

–  Many further resources, including scientific studies, can be found at the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology.

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