Want to feel better? Get out of the office

Have you ever found that being in nature makes you feel calmer? Well, it’s not just your imagination, it’s a scientifically proven physiological effect. Read about the evidence which shows that a regular dose of vitamin G (for green) is great for your health. I was recently considering how much better I feel when I’m surrounded by trees, water, plants and nature in general. After a weekend in the Blue Mountains, I come back to Sydney feeling so refreshed and … Continue Reading →

Is stress making you sick?

We all know stress causes ill health. But do you know why or what to do about it? Here I describe an eye-opening explanation by biologist Dr Bruce Lipton and give three examples of how I’ve healed myself of physical conditions using the mind/body connection. I’m sure you’ve heard people speaking of a physical health condition, saying they’ve been to umpteen specialists, had all sorts of tests and tried a multitude of medications and nothing has helped – they’re still … Continue Reading →

7 tips for stress-free meditation

Meditation will be stressful if we think we have to do it perfectly. But you don’t get angry at a baby because it can’t run. You understand that this is the stage they’re at and in time they will learn to stand, then to walk, then to run. If you treat your mind this way, and work towards meditation slowly and without judgement, you’ll be able to do it without the stress of having to achieve perfection, or indeed to achieve anything. In … Continue Reading →

2 simple exercises to get control of your mind

You may think that in order to get control of your mind you have to become a Buddhist monk and meditate in the mountains of Tibet for 5 years. But this is not the case at all. In fact, a big, noisy city is a great place to learn because if you can control your mind there you can control it anywhere. Getting control of your mind requires you to be vigilant about your thoughts and emotions. While this takes … Continue Reading →

4 key renewal tips to avoid the burnout trap

If you live life in the fast lane you may be heading for burnout. Don’t do what I did and ignore the symptoms until they become a big problem. Use these tips to renew yourself daily. A few years ago I was working in a corporate job in a large organisation when I discovered that something wasn’t quite right with me. I had been working hard and studying for a long time and was finding it harder to renew my … Continue Reading →

Meditation – ramp up your health and productivity

Having now meditated 20 minutes a day for six weeks I’m excited by some unexpected benefits from doing so little. Meditation can help cells heal and grow, increase productivity at work, heal illness, increase your life expectancy, get you into your Right Mind and increase employee engagement! Well, I didn’t think I’d do it but I have – meditated for 20 minutes every day for the last six weeks. I thought I’d be dragging myself out of bed at 5.30 … Continue Reading →

Everything’s ok just as it is

Before meditating this morning I was feeling a little down and demotivated from mulling over a project that hadn’t worked out. I wanted to shift out of my negative mood so, while doing some EFT tapping on the issue, I asked my intuition for a message to help me see this differently. Here’s what I received: ‘Just because it looks to you like it didn’t work out, that doesn’t meant it didn’t. You can only see such a tiny portion of what’s happening … Continue Reading →

Christmas shopping mindfulness practice

Over the last few weeks I’ve been undertaking mindfulness training as part of a health and wellbeing program I’m implementing at the Commonwealth Bank. Yesterday I found the perfect place to practice – my local shopping centre at Christmas time. For me, as a non-materialistic introvert, shopping at a large mall at Christmas is usually hell on earth but I may have just found a way to make it, if not enjoyable, at least useful. So here’s how it goes: Breath – … Continue Reading →

The value of being unproductive

If you want to know how to squeeze more productive time out of your day there are thousands of books, blogs, articles, tweets and Facebook posts telling you how to do it. But being productive can become an unhealthy obsession, evidenced by being unable to sit still, unable to focus on one thing at a time, unable to pay attention as your child recants his day or waking at 3 am unable to sleep because of the productivity that continues … Continue Reading →