Are you playing from your heart or for likes?

With the rise of social media we are all becoming proficient at showing the world our best selves. So are we now creating just for likes instead of expressing our souls? We all wear masks in front of others, we show them the face we think they want to see. On social media, this tendency is heightened. I heard a teenager say, ‘if you’re not on social media you don’t exist.’ So does that mean that if the only thing you put … Continue Reading →

What’s art got to do with business?

I’ve only recently recognised the power of bringing lessons from the arts and humanities into the business world even though I’ve been doing it unconsciously for years. If there’s something creative you’ve always wanted to do, just start it – there’s more power in it than you may realise. In high school I absolutely loved studying visual arts – painting, drawing, print making, sculpting, and all those fun things. But I was not a naturally brilliant student. My artwork was … Continue Reading →

5 steps to find your Element, your creative genius

Last week I wrote about how being in your Element adds a spark of creativity and joy to your life. In this post, I outline some ideas for how you can uncover what puts you in your Element. Step 1 – Explore and dream To start, get a journal or just some blank paper and go to a place where you feel most creative – a park, a beach, a coffee shop, a hillside, your backyard, etc. You’re going to … Continue Reading →

Find your Element, find your creative genius

Schools often don’t help us find our Element, that thing we were born to do. But unlocking our creative genius is essential to health, happiness & success. I’ve just finished reading an inspiring book by Sir Ken Robinson called The element: How finding your passion changes everything. Sir Ken was knighted for his many achievements in the field of developing creativity, innovation and human resources in education and business. In 1998 he led a British government advisory committee investigating the … Continue Reading →

Meditation – ramp up your health and productivity

Having now meditated 20 minutes a day for six weeks I’m excited by some unexpected benefits from doing so little. Meditation can help cells heal and grow, increase productivity at work, heal illness, increase your life expectancy, get you into your Right Mind and increase employee engagement! Well, I didn’t think I’d do it but I have – meditated for 20 minutes every day for the last six weeks. I thought I’d be dragging myself out of bed at 5.30 … Continue Reading →

The New Groupthink – how to kill creativity at work

Most highly creative ideas are formulated by people working alone. At a time when innovation is essential for competitive advantage in business, organisations would do well to ensure their employees have quiet spaces in which to think deeply and create. After a recent period of annual leave I noticed a very interesting phenomenon which Susan Cain discusses in her best selling book, Quiet: The power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking*. I had a quiet, peaceful, relaxing break … Continue Reading →

7 steps to using your intuition as a powerful guiding light

How comfortable are you with using your intuition for guidance, as a source of information? Some consider intuition unreliable because of its mysterious nature – no-one really understands what it is or how it works. But we all drive cars without understanding how the engine works. In the same way, we can practice using intuition on small things until it becomes a trusted friend. Then you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Fear is often the reason people don’t … Continue Reading →