This is all just a game

Journal entry 8 May 2016 I have a problem whereby every morning at work I feel very stressed. I even have physical symptoms which I’m really sick of. So I’m going to tap in to Spirit to see if I can get some answers as to what’s happening: Me: So many times over the years I’ve come in to work to an email that’s made me panic and spring into action. It seems this stress may be a learned response. … Continue Reading →

You will feel a love beyond imagining

Journal entry 8 May 2016 This journal entry starts out as a rant where I’m spewing my wrong minded thoughts and emotions onto the page. I then start bringing in some right mindedness with my determination to see things differently, and then receive a beautiful message from the Holy Spirit. Me: I find that whenever I have a day when I don’t have to do anything at all it starts out really well, reading inspiring messages in the Course, then … Continue Reading →

I am never upset for the reason I think

Journal entry 5 May 2016 False self: I have a tight neck and headache. I’m stressed at work, feeling like I’m expected to do something big that I won’t be able to do and I’m going to look foolish. I want to be able to see this world as a great cosmic joke but I just can’t stop taking it seriously. Work is clearly an area where I am projecting a lot of attack thoughts. Why is that? “I am … Continue Reading →

I’ve got you – trust me

Journal entry 3 May 2016 I’m annoyed that today I have to do a heap of useless jobs and won’t get time to do my art work. I couldn’t focus on the Course this morning because of ego noise so I’m writing instead. I read back over my writing from 1 May and it made me feel so much calmer as I can see that I am healing myself – I don’t always have to rely on the teachings of others. Reading and writing … Continue Reading →


Journal entry – 2 May 2016 “Sure of the ultimate interpretation of all things in time, no outcome already seen or yet to come can cause [the Teacher of God] fear.” M-4.VIII.1 My mind was quiet when I woke this morning – it felt wonderful. I’m reading, ‘The Power of Now’ and I feel like it’s having a very positive effect on me. I tried to read it shortly after it came out, around 2005. At the time I couldn’t … Continue Reading →

It will be done in but an instant

Journal entry 1 May 2016 I feel anxious about work. I feel like an imposter, I feel like I’m going to fail in this new role. I am setting unrealistic expectations for myself. I can’t be expected to know everything immediately. I feel like people are watching me and judging me – but that’s just my own ego in another disguise. I don’t want them to think less of me. I’m trying to redeem myself but I don’t know from what. I keep … Continue Reading →

I am here only to be truly helpful

Journal entry 30 April 2016 Me: I had a lovely day today meeting for the first time with the Newtown Course in Miracles Meetup group for a discussion of ACIM then lunch – both in parks on a beautiful day. Thank you, Holy Spirit. It’s lovely to be able to share thoughts and stories with others of like mind. I’m looking forward to meeting them again – they almost felt like family or long lost friends. At one point, we were … Continue Reading →

“At no point in time is the body real”

Journal entry 27 April 2016 Me: I had two things happen to me this morning, one at midnight and one while driving to work, that triggered fear that I felt in my body. I’ve arrived at a coffee shop before work and can still feel the fear even though I’ve mentally separated from the two events. I want to receive a message from the Holy Spirit about what’s going on as I don’t want to carry this into my day. The … Continue Reading →

“You cannot tell your advances from your retreats”

Journal entry 23 April 2016 Me: While reading the biography of Bill Thetford [1] describing the chaos at Columbia University I suddenly got a very strong feeling that my new job is not going to work out, that I’m not going to be successful because I’m going to be undermined and will not be able to get the support I need. Whenever I’ve had big plans and excitement about anything it hasn’t worked out. HOLY SPIRIT: This will be a test/practice for you … Continue Reading →

“I can see peace instead of this”

Journal entry 23 April 2016 Me: Holy Spirit, quite often I wake up in the middle of the night or in the morning and my ego is off and running – I have a constant, annoying flow of useless thoughts. I try to tune in to you and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. What can I do to get my ego out of the way and tune in to you more? HOLY SPIRIT: This is the perfect time … Continue Reading →