I’ve got you – trust me

Journal entry 3 May 2016

I’m annoyed that today I have to do a heap of useless jobs and won’t get time to do my art work. I couldn’t focus on the Course this morning because of ego noise so I’m writing instead. I read back over my writing from 1 May and it made me feel so much calmer as I can see that I am healing myself – I don’t always have to rely on the teachings of others.

Reading and writing are more ‘doing’ activities. There’s not much difference between that and chores. It’s all how I view it. If I remember God and communicate with the Holy Spirit while I do chores then I make those activities holy. Every activity in the world is just as pointless as every other – there is no order of illusions just as there is no order of difficulty in miracles.

Holy Spirit: Take your books to the shops today. Shop for your Mum’s Mother’s Day present with joy, not resentment as though it’s a chore. Shop to find her something worthy of thanks for the love she has given you. Ask me what to buy. Then have coffee and read Jesus’ words and write a message from me – you’ll have a relaxing day filled with love. Connect with the shop keepers – pass some love on to them – some of them really need it.

The same with your upcoming travel to Newcastle, Launceston and Melbourne – connect with me the entire time and I will make it easy and joyful for you. You only get tired due to the strain that your incessant ego chatter places on your mind, not because of lack of sleep. I can help your mind be calm but only if you invite me. I’ve got you – trust me. I will take care of all your travel plans. I will take care of your work performance – as long as you listen to me and trust that I only have your highest good in mind.

“Thoughts are not big or little, powerful or weak. They are merely true or false. Those that are true create their own likeness. Those that are false make theirs.” ACIM Lesson 16

You are not in charge of your own awakening. You cannot awaken yourself but you can allow yourself to be awakened.

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