You will feel a love beyond imagining

Journal entry 8 May 2016 This journal entry starts out as a rant where I’m spewing my wrong minded thoughts and emotions onto the page. I then start bringing in some right mindedness with my determination to see things differently, and then receive a beautiful message from the Holy Spirit. Me: I find that whenever I have a day when I don’t have to do anything at all it starts out really well, reading inspiring messages in the Course, then … Continue Reading →

I am never upset for the reason I think

Journal entry 5 May 2016 False self: I have a tight neck and headache. I’m stressed at work, feeling like I’m expected to do something big that I won’t be able to do and I’m going to look foolish. I want to be able to see this world as a great cosmic joke but I just can’t stop taking it seriously. Work is clearly an area where I am projecting a lot of attack thoughts. Why is that? “I am … Continue Reading →

I’ve got you – trust me

Journal entry 3 May 2016 I’m annoyed that today I have to do a heap of useless jobs and won’t get time to do my art work. I couldn’t focus on the Course this morning because of ego noise so I’m writing instead. I read back over my writing from 1 May and it made me feel so much calmer as I can see that I am healing myself – I don’t always have to rely on the teachings of others. Reading and writing … Continue Reading →