Journal entry – 2 May 2016 “Sure of the ultimate interpretation of all things in time, no outcome already seen or yet to come can cause [the Teacher of God] fear.” M-4.VIII.1 My mind was quiet when I woke this morning – it felt wonderful. I’m reading, ‘The Power of Now’ and I feel like it’s having a very positive effect on me. I tried to read it shortly after it came out, around 2005. At the time I couldn’t … Continue Reading →

It will be done in but an instant

Journal entry 1 May 2016 I feel anxious about work. I feel like an imposter, I feel like I’m going to fail in this new role. I am setting unrealistic expectations for myself. I can’t be expected to know everything immediately. I feel like people are watching me and judging me – but that’s just my own ego in another disguise. I don’t want them to think less of me. I’m trying to redeem myself but I don’t know from what. I keep … Continue Reading →