“At no point in time is the body real”

Journal entry 27 April 2016

Me: I had two things happen to me this morning, one at midnight and one while driving to work, that triggered fear that I felt in my body. I’ve arrived at a coffee shop before work and can still feel the fear even though I’ve mentally separated from the two events. I want to receive a message from the Holy Spirit about what’s going on as I don’t want to carry this into my day. The events/body sensations reminded me of the fear I used to feel with my abusive ex-partner. I’m feelng a bit of fear due to the new job but keep reminding myself that the script is written[1] and I only need to know where to put my foot next, which the Holy Spirit will show me. This fear has arisen for healing. What needs to be healed Holy Spirit?

HOLY SPIRIT: Your bodily reactions to things. At no point in time is the body real but you treat it as though it were real – feeding it, clothing it, hanging trinkets on it, collecting money for it, working for it. I want you to really understand the valuelessness of what you’re doing and recognise the lack of value of the body and its reactions seemingly separate from you. Well done yesterday for going out for the day knowing you looked less than your best. That was a good practice for you. You can now hear a loud blower nearby – yes, it’s good that you had that realisation that because you’re hearing it with the body’s ears it’s not real and can effectively be ignored. You can ignore this music playing too. You saw in the video last night that David Hoffmeister can listen to me just as continually and effectively when sitting under thunderous skies and impending rain than in a warm, quiet room. Practice this – don’t allow your body to dictate to you. It’s time for you to really get a sense that the body is nothing.

Me: But what about when I go to the art gallery and see things that inspire me and make me feel uplifted like Art Express yesterday? And I read uplifting messages with the body’s eyes and hear them with the body’s ears?

HOLY SPIRIT: I will use your body for my purpose, so these are totally appropriate uses of the body because they extend love. But be vigilant against the ego’s use of your body which is to increase and project fear. Don’t allow this.

Me: How do I stop it? It seems involuntary.

HOLY SPIRIT: It only seems involuntary because you’ve been doing it for so long. Recognise this and hand it to me – I will reinterpret it for you.

Me: I’d like to hand you my fear over my job. I’m concerned that my new colleague didn’t do what she was meant to do yesterday – I hope this is not the way it’s going to be – I’m afraid of people making me look bad.

HOLY SPIRIT: Keep up an open dialogue with your boss. If you listen to me and put your feet where I tell you to put them you’ll be fine. The fear is you buying into the ego. Recognise when you’re doing it and hand it to me – put it under my control. Remember that the script is written and it’s under my control. Time and space are under my control: You are under no laws but God’s[2], you just have to show up. Let me lead the way.

Me: I’m still feeling the tension a little bit.

HOLY SPIRIT: It’s just an old habit. Recognise its valuelessness and let it go. This is the stage you are at in the development of trust where you recognise what is truly valuable and valueless.

Me: I’m scared of this stage because Ken Wapnick says that this is where all hell breaks loose.

HOLY SPIRIT: It doesn’t have to be this way. You have a high level of awareness of your internal processes and have this regular practice of raising any upsets to me. You have learned some excellent techniques that will stand you in good stead. And you are a faithful student of the Course. Just keep doing what you’re doing and the pain and fear will be minimised.

Me: Thank you Holy Spirit, the tension has gone now. I love you.

[1] ACIM Workbook Lesson 158

[2] ACIM Workbook Lesson 76

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