I am here only to be truly helpful

Journal entry 30 April 2016 Me: I had a lovely day today meeting for the first time with the Newtown Course in Miracles Meetup group for a discussion of ACIM then lunch – both in parks on a beautiful day. Thank you, Holy Spirit. It’s lovely to be able to share thoughts and stories with others of like mind. I’m looking forward to meeting them again – they almost felt like family or long lost friends. At one point, we were … Continue Reading →


Girl (January 2016) – Mixed media on cartridge paper, A2 I produced this artwork at a Jody Graham expressive drawing workshop at ArtEst in Leichardt, Sydney. We first produced a surface of newspaper, coloured acrylics and spray paint for the lettering. We then chose from Jody’s stack of photos and used charcoal and pastels to depict the photo’s subject expressively on the surface.  

“At no point in time is the body real”

Journal entry 27 April 2016 Me: I had two things happen to me this morning, one at midnight and one while driving to work, that triggered fear that I felt in my body. I’ve arrived at a coffee shop before work and can still feel the fear even though I’ve mentally separated from the two events. I want to receive a message from the Holy Spirit about what’s going on as I don’t want to carry this into my day. The … Continue Reading →

“You cannot tell your advances from your retreats”

Journal entry 23 April 2016 Me: While reading the biography of Bill Thetford [1] describing the chaos at Columbia University I suddenly got a very strong feeling that my new job is not going to work out, that I’m not going to be successful because I’m going to be undermined and will not be able to get the support I need. Whenever I’ve had big plans and excitement about anything it hasn’t worked out. HOLY SPIRIT: This will be a test/practice for you … Continue Reading →

“I can see peace instead of this”

Journal entry 23 April 2016 Me: Holy Spirit, quite often I wake up in the middle of the night or in the morning and my ego is off and running – I have a constant, annoying flow of useless thoughts. I try to tune in to you and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. What can I do to get my ego out of the way and tune in to you more? HOLY SPIRIT: This is the perfect time … Continue Reading →

“Put time under my control”

Journal entry 21 April 2016 Me:  Why am I tired? My ego says it’s because I’ve been awake since 4.30am but I know that’s not the case. If I was fully awake in the spiritual sense I would not need sleep at all. I feel less tired since reading ACIM for the last half hour and having this understanding. HOLY SPIRIT:  You are in complete control of your world – you only feel tired if you want to – it’s up … Continue Reading →

“There are no students and teachers”

Journal entry 20 April 2016 Me: I write in my journal, “Who are my students?” I then think of a number of people in my life with whom I am sharing life lessons and discussing the Course after which the Holy Spirit pipes in… HOLY SPIRIT: There are no students and teachers – it’s all the same. It’s a dance creating beautiful patterns as you all interact and work out how to get back Home. Everything is helpful. If you stay open … Continue Reading →

The Block Arcade, Melbourne

The Block Arcade, Melbourne (June 2016) – Charcoal and white pastel on cartridge paper, A2 I produced this charcoal and pastel drawing of the interior of the beautiful Block Arcade in Melbourne, Australia at a drawing workshop with the highly talented Sydney-based artist, Jody Graham. The Block Arcade is one of my favourite buildings in Melbourne and Melbourne is one of my favourite cities due to its gorgeous architecture, artistic, makers culture, laid back, cool style and amazing food and coffee.

“As you awaken you awaken others”

Journal entry 19 April 2016 Me: Today I’m feeling restless and a bit bored, like I’m not doing anything with my life. I’ve just come out of a very exciting period of discovering David Hoffmeister’s teachings, spending a day with him at Easter and stepping up a spiritual level. Now that excitement and thrill has worn off. Up until very recently I was striving towards one thing or another such as building my counselling practice or trying to write a … Continue Reading →

“Your first real leap of faith”

Journal entry 19 April 2016 HOLY SPIRIT: Deciding to work four days a week instead of five despite not being financially secure in the world’s eyes was one of your first real leaps of faith and trust in me. Nothing bad happened as a result. In fact, as you know, it’s been a BIG blessing, giving you the space to progress along your path of awakening much faster than would otherwise have been possible. The world is always trying to … Continue Reading →