Under the Sea

Under the Sea (October 2015) – Acrylic and rice paper on canvas board, 30.5 x 30.5cm. I created the background of this work by laying down rice paper for texture then wetting the surface, dripping a highly pigmented Pthalo Blue and running the end of a brush through the blue to spread it. After painting a cool and warm greeny blue over the top it made me think of the ocean. The octopus is based on a picture from a scientific magazine … Continue Reading →

Web of life

Web of life (October 2015) – Acrylic and pen on watercolour paper, A4. A great thing about doing art is that you can practice using your intuition. I often have no idea what’s going to emerge when I start. As I stared at the blank page for this work I imagined a red background. I couldn’t decide which red to use, a warm or cool, so I used both which I think worked well. I then felt drawn (pardon the pun) to … Continue Reading →