Garden of Life

Garden of Life (February 2015) – Pen and pencil on cartridge paper, 21.0 x 29.7cm The idea for this work came from playing with patterns from the book ‘The art of zentangle’ by Margaret Bremner and Norma J. Burnell. Zentangle uses “structured and coordinated patterns as a means of creating beautiful and interesting pieces of art.” The inner section is a regular mandala and the ‘plants’ around the outside are created using zentangle patterns found in the book.    

The Pool

The Pool (November 2014) – Pen on cartridge paper, 21.0 x 29.7cm This painting arose from playing around with lines using Islamic designs as inspiration. I adore Islamic art and thought I’d have a go at creating something of my own in that style. When I started trying to create something I realised just how much skill one would need to produce anything close to what the Islamic artists create. So I just started drawing some lines that seemed interesting then followed my … Continue Reading →

Want to feel better? Get out of the office

Have you ever found that being in nature makes you feel calmer? Well, it’s not just your imagination, it’s a scientifically proven physiological effect. Read about the evidence which shows that a regular dose of vitamin G (for green) is great for your health. I was recently considering how much better I feel when I’m surrounded by trees, water, plants and nature in general. After a weekend in the Blue Mountains, I come back to Sydney feeling so refreshed and … Continue Reading →