Lace Art

Lace Art (October 2014) – Acrylic on lace, 32 cm x 48 cm The idea for painting a piece of lace came from a failed attempt at something completely different. I painted an abstract painting then intended to paint a different picture on the lace and place it over the painting to create a contrast. It didn’t work at all but in the process I wondered what it would look like if I did a ‘paint by numbers’ on the lace. I started … Continue Reading →

Want less pain? It’s a matter of choice

There’s a cultural story we tell ourselves, that we are helpless victims of other people’s actions and external events – weather, the stock market, redundancy, etc. But what if this were not true and we actually had a choice as to whether we allowed ourselves to feel harmed? In modern psychology, the theory goes that we are born into this world as perfect, innocent children and then become corrupted by the world. So therapy becomes a rehashing of all the … Continue Reading →

Artwork – After the bushfire

After the bushfire (January 2015) – Acrylic and pen on watercolour paper, 29.8 cm x 40.8 cm This artwork emerged intuitively. For a couple of weeks I knew that my next painting would have a red background – but that’s all I knew. When I went to paint the red background I felt that it had to have some yellow and orange in it as well. So I painted it in. Looking at the effect, it reminded me of fire. I had been … Continue Reading →