Artwork – Family

Family (31 December 2014) – Acrylic on watercolour paper, 29.8 cm x 40.8 cm This work evolved seemingly out of nothingness. When facing a blank page I could see in my mind’s eye a wavy line. After I drew the line I ‘saw’ other lines so I drew those. Then the idea emerged and I followed where it took me. (The Monty Python and Simpsons undertones were not deliberate!)         IF YOU ENJOYED THIS POST CONSIDER SUBSCRIBING TO … Continue Reading →

Is stress making you sick?

We all know stress causes ill health. But do you know why or what to do about it? Here I describe an eye-opening explanation by biologist Dr Bruce Lipton and give three examples of how I’ve healed myself of physical conditions using the mind/body connection. I’m sure you’ve heard people speaking of a physical health condition, saying they’ve been to umpteen specialists, had all sorts of tests and tried a multitude of medications and nothing has helped – they’re still … Continue Reading →