Artwork – If it bleeds it leads

If it bleeds it leads (June 2014), acrylic, newspaper, pen and mesh tape on paper, 27 cm x 35.5 cm This work is my first experiment with mixed media. Here I’m juxtaposing the crassness of the media that is only interested in sensationalism, immediacy and selling news with the timeless wisdom and solidity of Buddhism that is just as relevant and beautiful today as it was 2,500 years ago.           IF YOU ENJOYED THIS POST CONSIDER SUBSCRIBING TO … Continue Reading →

Artwork – White in a black land

White in a black land (August 2014), acrylic on paper, 27 cm x 35.5 cm The inspiration for this painting came from thinking about how Aborigines have a strong connection to the land. But us whities came along and built roads and houses over this land, using it rather than looking after it. The animals around the painting are from the Yirrkala Bark Petition presented to the Australian Parliament in 1963 to oppose mining on Yirrkala land. The face under … Continue Reading →

How to let go of a bad relationship, with love

It’s easy to respond to people’s attacks on you with anger and defensiveness. But it’s possible to train yourself to respond with love instead. While this is not easy, the peace you will experience is well worth the effort. When things are going well it’s easy to feel peaceful and loving. But painful experiences test what we’re made of. I was happy to realise recently, after a difficult experience with a friend, that I’m now made of tougher and more … Continue Reading →