How to lift your productivity by doing less

In the Western world, the values of production, materialism and consumption have served us well in terms of raising living standards. But our excessive focus on ‘doing’ has led to imbalance – we no longer know how to just be, even feeling guilty if we’re not being productive. There is energy and wisdom in being so if you want to be more Zen at work it’s time to reclaim this valuable state of mind. A few years ago I took a six-month … Continue Reading →

2 simple exercises to get control of your mind

You may think that in order to get control of your mind you have to become a Buddhist monk and meditate in the mountains of Tibet for 5 years. But this is not the case at all. In fact, a big, noisy city is a great place to learn because if you can control your mind there you can control it anywhere. Getting control of your mind requires you to be vigilant about your thoughts and emotions. While this takes … Continue Reading →