12 synchronicities – glimpse a hidden order

synchronicitySince I started meditating regularly I’ve noticed many strange events, named by Carl Jung ‘synchronicities’. Synchronicities are those things that seem like coincidences but are so highly unlikely to happen that you get the feeling there must be more to it.

There have been so many happening around me lately that I started recording them in a journal and thought it would be fun to put them into a blog. The following synchronicities all happened within April and May 2014:

One: I was reading a random article on the internet in which was mentioned a rocket taking off. As I read that, for some reason I turned and looked at the TV and there was an image of a rocket taking off.


Two: On the bus going home the driver had the radio on and I was reading The Element by Ken Robinson where he talks about how The Travelling Wilburys came to be (a synchronous event in itself). With all the synchronicities happening around me at the time I expected a Travelling Wilburys song to come on the radio but it didn’t. That night though the movie Pretty Woman came on the TV after another show I had been watching and there I heard Roy Orbison, a member of the Travelling Wilburys, singing the theme song, Pretty Woman.

Three: A manager from the building across the road from mine was sitting at a desk on our floor. A couple of people were happy to see him because they had questions for him. He had work to do so made a Star Wars joke, waving two fingers in front of his eyes and saying, “I’m not the manager you’re looking for.” For non-Star Wars fans, this is a Jedi mind trick used by Obi Wan Kenobi. That night on the ABC TV show Spicks & Specks one of the contestants made exactly the same joke. And that morning I’d published a blog post with a reference to Obi Wan Kenobi.

Four:  In the morning I was again reading Sir Ken Robinson’s book, The Element. In it he talked about the way the Natural History Museum classifies bugs into sizes and colours and species. That day I bought a novel called, The young and prodigious T.S. Spivet by Reif Larsen. I started reading it in the afternoon and on page 10 the main character talks about how his scientist mother “had spent nearly all her adult life studying very small creatures under a magnifying glass and then precisely classifying them into families and suprafamilities, species and subspecies, according to their physical and evolutionary features.”

Five:  In the evening I watched the ABC TV show QI and they were talking about koalas. I was feeling very creative that day having been to the art gallery and made a conscious decision to incorporate more art making into my life to increase my creativity. The next morning I received a document for my studies and the password was KoalaCreate.

Six:  I picked up a brochure from the State Theatre about a Beatles 50th anniversary tribute band. Watching the news that night, they interviewed an up-and-coming musician who said he was strongly influenced by The Beatles.

Seven:  I was creating trivia questions for a trivia fundraising night for my niece. For some reason I thought of Albert Einstein and decided to put in a question about E=mc2. Later that day, while on my way to the gym, I walked past a sign shop displaying an electrical signage board – on it was E=mc2. That evening, went to Bigstockphoto.com to choose an image for my latest blog. I typed in ‘school creativity’ and on the first page one of the images contained a school chalk board and on it was E=mc2.

Eight:  In the morning I was thinking about how it’s been a few days since I had noticed any synchronicities. Rick and I talked about the food we liked eating when we were kids and he talked about how much he liked pasties. Reading my novel that afternoon, the young narrator was talking about how his mother wouldn’t let him eat McDonalds but pasties were ok. He then explained in detail what’s in a pasty and its history.

Nine:  Was driving to my brother’s house and listening to an audio recording of a workshop about A Course in Miracles run by Ken Wapnick in 2012. As the book went along he said, “Right now, at 2.27 pm on a Saturday afternoon you can choose between the ego and the Holy Spirit.” I looked at the clock. It was 2.27 pm on a Saturday afternoon.

Ten:  Was in a coffee shop near work doing some thinking and planning. I was nearly done and thought that seeing as I was out I might as well go to our other building (across the road from mine) to visit a colleague as I needed to discuss something with him. I picked up my phone to call him and see if he was in but saw that I didn’t have his number. I decided to go back to my office and talk to him later. I walked back to my building and suddenly had the impression of him being in the café across the road. So I looked across the road and sure enough there he was.

Eleven:  It was evening and I was getting ready for work the next day. For some reason I thought of the quote, ‘The man who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.’ I remembered how one of my past managers had that quote on her filing cabinet at work. The next day I attended a workshop and the speaker had that quote on one of his slides and discussed it.

Twelve:  I was reading my meditation teacher training manual which included an article on Transcendental Meditation as taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (the yogi The Beatles followed). I was so impressed by the scientific evidence showing the efficacy of TM that I downloaded a book about it. The next day I spent a few hours reading the book and watching some videos of people talking about it. I decide to take a course to learn it. That afternoon I needed some information for a blog I was working on and thought my Deepak Chopra book, ‘Quantum Healing’, would have the info. So I took it off the shelf, opened it and the first thing I saw, on the third page of the book, was, “With a full heart and deepest thanks to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.”

I like to think that these sorts of incidences indicate an underlying order in the universe. After all, there’s a billion to one chance that they could happen but they happen to me regularly. Interestingly, they happen most frequently when I’m meditating and when I feel connected spiritually. Could it be that when meditating we tap into an underlying order in which all things are connected? The quantum physicists would say yes.

You can read other people’s stories by Googling ‘synchronicity stories’, many of them much more unlikely to occur than mine. I’d love to hear about yours.



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