9 tips to make a big decision, not a big mistake

Some decisions are huge and can literally change your life. In this post, I give you 9 creative techniques to help your decision-making so that your big decision doesn’t become a big mistake. Some techniques engage the right side of your brain to access your creativity and intuition, while others engage the left side of your brain to access your analytical and practical side for balanced decision making. At some point in your life you would have been faced with … Continue Reading →

12 synchronicities – glimpse a hidden order

Since I started meditating regularly I’ve noticed many strange events, named by Carl Jung ‘synchronicities’. Synchronicities are those things that seem like coincidences but are so highly unlikely to happen that you get the feeling there must be more to it. There have been so many happening around me lately that I started recording them in a journal and thought it would be fun to put them into a blog. The following synchronicities all happened within April and May 2014: … Continue Reading →