4 key renewal tips to avoid the burnout trap

If you live life in the fast lane you may be heading for burnout. Don’t do what I did and ignore the symptoms until they become a big problem. Use these tips to renew yourself daily. A few years ago I was working in a corporate job in a large organisation when I discovered that something wasn’t quite right with me. I had been working hard and studying for a long time and was finding it harder to renew my … Continue Reading →

5 steps to find your Element, your creative genius

Last week I wrote about how being in your Element adds a spark of creativity and joy to your life. In this post, I outline some ideas for how you can uncover what puts you in your Element. Step 1 – Explore and dream To start, get a journal or just some blank paper and go to a place where you feel most creative – a park, a beach, a coffee shop, a hillside, your backyard, etc. You’re going to … Continue Reading →

Find your Element, find your creative genius

Schools often don’t help us find our Element, that thing we were born to do. But unlocking our creative genius is essential to health, happiness & success. I’ve just finished reading an inspiring book by Sir Ken Robinson called The element: How finding your passion changes everything. Sir Ken was knighted for his many achievements in the field of developing creativity, innovation and human resources in education and business. In 1998 he led a British government advisory committee investigating the … Continue Reading →