A letter to young introverts: 12 things I wish I’d known

As a young introvert you have probably already found that life is not so easy. You live in a society that values extroversion and have most likely felt a lot of pressure to be someone who you deep down know you’re not. It could even be that you don’t like yourself very much, feeling deficient and defective, always wondering what’s wrong with you. Well, I want you to know that there’s nothing wrong with you – nothing at all. You … Continue Reading →

Employee engagement mistakes and how to fix them

Quality research into employee engagement has been around for decades. Despite this, leaders continue to do things that disengage their staff. This blog post looks at some common manager behaviours that lead to disengagement and gives examples of how a simple shift in perspective can help leaders view their actions in a new light and retain their people’s valuable skills.During my career I have spent 4 years working in small organisations and over 15 years working in medium and large … Continue Reading →