6 steps to create a growth mindset and thrive!

Stanford University Psychologist, Carol S. Dweck has uncovered a concept that can either help your life be happy and fulfilled or dramatically decrease your success and enjoyment of life. Cultivating a growth mindset and kicking your fixed mindset can make all the difference.  Carol S. Dweck, a Stanford University Psychologist, has researched achievement and success for decades. She uncovered a concept that has the power to significantly increase our success and happiness, that of fixed and growth mindsets.Stanford University Psychologist, … Continue Reading →

Introverts – we need you!

About 50% of the population are introverted. But you wouldn’t think it considering how much our society values extroversion. We are expected to be able to speak up confidently and often, to market ourselves, push ourselves forward in all situations, and connect and communicate at all times. When we don’t, others brand us as shy and lacking confidence and competence. Those who prefer to spend time alone are considered loners; ‘loner’ is a word generally reserved for psychopathic killers!Luckily, with … Continue Reading →

Uncovering the much needed strengths of introverts

Introverts live in a society that values extroversion so their strengths are largely unrecognised. This is to the detriment of us all. This blog post discusses some differences between introverts and extroverts and highlights some of the great gifts that introverts bring to the world.Introverts are physiologically different from extroverts. Our brains are wired differently, the chemicals that predominate in our bodies are different and our nervous systems are wired differently. For introverts, normal day-to-day life is more stimulating than … Continue Reading →