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Hi, my name’s Megan Chambers and I’m a blogger passionate about sharing knowledge to empower you to de-stress, upgrade your thinking, step into your personal power, and create! I write from years of personal experience seeking out tools and techniques that work so I can save you time, money and effort.

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Learn to switch on your body’s relaxation response to counteract the damaging effects of the fight or flight response. These blog posts will help you think more clearly, have more inspired ideas and feel great!


introvertUpgrade your thinking

Learn how powerful your mind really is and how the quality of your thinking determines your entire experience of life. These blog posts will help you clear out negativity at a deep level to feel more peaceful, more uplifted and happier.


loveStep into your personal power

We are all intrinsically powerful beings but most of us have forgotten that. These blog posts will help you remember who you truly are so you can reclaim your personal power and be all that you were born to be.


Family - 31 Dec2014 w watermarkCreate!

Even if you don’t feel like a ‘creative’ type person, you are actually creating all the time. These blog posts, of articles about creativity and pictures and descriptions of my own artwork, are designed to encourage you to explore your own natural creative abilities and to use them for greater self-expression and fun.



mindWhy Zen@Work?

I try to live my life balanced between Zen (being spiritual, relaxed, calm and peaceful) and Work (being physical, active, growing and contributing). The Indian mystic Osho calls this state Zorba the Buddha, a wonderful, creative balance between being and doing. 

I remember clearly back in 2010, while travelling to my corporate job, the moment I decided I had had enough of my life. I was sick of being stressed out, tired and miserable. I figured that there must be a better way and I became determined to find it.

In the years since, I’ve spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars learning a variety of tools and techniques to shift to a healthier state of mind. I’ve met wonderful people and learned some mind-blowing ideas from advanced teachers that have transformed my life. (For more about my story see the About page.)

I’m now excited to share what I’ve learned with you, potentially saving you all that time, effort and money.

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Megan xx

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